The Workout

The innovative design of the Curves Workout allows members to incorporate all of the critical components of an exercise program in just 30 minutes! All components of the Curves Workout combine to create a safe and effective exercise that will give you positive results! The 5 components of the Curves Workout are:

  • Warm-up
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Strength Training
  • Cool down
  • Stretching

The warm-up is done the first three to five minutes of your workout. Each time you begin your workout, you should move the machines more slowly to gradually elevate the heart rate. Your body temperature will increase and blood flow will begin to move toward the extremities to prepare the body for exercise.

Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular work is sustained for twenty minutes and keeps your heart rate in its target zone. Working within 50-85% of your maximum heart rate allows you to effectively burn stored body fat and receive all of the amazing benefits of cardiovascular training, including decreased risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity. Elevating and sustaining your heart rate is done by working hard on the machines and overloading your muscles through strength training, our next component.

Strength Training
The Curves equipment offers hydraulic resistance through the use of cylinders which provide a challenging cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Hydraulic resistance is a safe and efficient way to overload the muscles, stimulating muscle mass gains. When you are resistance training, there are five rules you should have your Curves staff teach you. The Five Rules of Resistance Training are:

  • Move across the midline of the muscles being worked
  • Keep elbows and knees within the plane of motion
  • Move the full range of motion without locking the joints
  • Go fast enough to create adequate resistance
  • Keep it simple!

Strength training has long been the missing link in women’s fitness. Curves research has proven that when you increase muscle mass through strength training, you increase your metabolism as well as results.

Cool down
As you complete your workout, you should reserve the last three to five minutes of your time on the circuit for the cool down. By moving the machines slowly during the cool down, you allow your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing to return to normal.

Stretching after exercise is vital for increasing flexibility, maintaining joint integrity and mobility, and preventing joint pain. If that’s not enough, it also helps increase strength! Research has reported a 19% greater strength gain when stretching after strength training occurred. Static stretching is safest-that means no bouncing.

Hold each stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds, increasing the stretch after 7 seconds. Maintain proper alignment and breathing. Remember to ask your Curves staff if you need assistance with correct form.

Get a sneak peek at how three of our machines can help you get stronger:


With a strong chest and back, you’ll be better able to lift and carry your children or grandkids, carry boxes of donated goods to your local charity and even give a heartier hug! Everything you do that uses your chest and back gets easier as you get stronger.

This machine works your chest and back with its pushing and pulling action.


Having a strong core improves balance and posture, which is particularly important as we grow older. Your core provides the foundation upon which most other activity depends. Be proud and stand tall with a stronger core!

This machine strengthens your core from your abs to your lower back.

Leg extension/Leg curl

Having strong legs can help you perform everyday activities without causing stress on the rest of the body. Kicking a soccer ball with your family, bending down to put away groceries and even walking your dog can all be easier with stronger legs!

This machine strengthens your quads and hamstrings.