Mix Up Your Workouts with New Classes

If getting in better shape is at the top of your resolutions list for the new year, head to Curves to try one of our exciting new classes for 2015. Curves has classes unlike any other gym or workout facility. Attending just a few of classes a week could be all it takes to break out of that fitness rut and reach your goals!

Whether you are just getting started with a workout program or are ready to target your problem areas with new exercises, try any of these new classes from Curves this upcoming year:

Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels* Intro Class

This class is designed for all fitness levels! Join Jillian and a Curves Coach for an introductory total body conditioning class. The 30-minute class involves both Curves strength machines and functional exercises between machines to engage all of the key muscle groups.

Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels* Level 1 Class

A slightly more advanced total body workout, this 30-minute routine will push you to the max with a combination of exercises performed on Curves strength machines and functional exercises in-between between machine. Join Jillian and a Curves Coach for this advanced total body workout!

Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels* Level 2 Class

If you really want to burn more calories and build on your skills learned in Level 1, this fitness class will help to elevate your metabolism with high metabolic interval training. Thirty minutes of high-intensity intervals will help scorch those calories; you’ll do a combination of both functional exercises between the machines and strength exercises on Curves the strength machines.

Arms-Core-Legs Class*

This is a lower intensity class that targets that targets the arms, core, and legs. The 30-minute class is led by a Curves Coach and includes these target muscle groups performed in between Curves strength machines.

Body Balance Class*

A fusion of exercises that will help to improve balance, stability, and core strength.  Body Balance is a low-intensity 30-minute class that combines balance and stability exercises with circuit strength training. The class, led by a Curves coach, is a series of balance exercises done in between the each Curves strength machines.This class is recommended for most fitness levels and for anyone wanting to improve their balance.

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym every day to get the results you want! Try a targeted workout or total body conditioning class in a supportive, women’s-only environment at Curves to work up a sweat in just 30 minutes.


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