Jillian’s Blog: Spread the Health

By Jillian Michaels

There was a time in my life when I could focus all my attention on working out. If I wasn’t exercising then I was helping other people exercise. Or I was coming up with exercise plans. Or making new DVDs. My life was about this work, which I love, but still I was heavily focused on it.

Then I had kids. And probably a lot of you out there have experienced this,  these kids were these awesome, adorable, wake up calls for me. I couldn’t just be all about my work. I had to be, I have to be, all about my kids too.  It’s about balance, obviously. But that’s easy to say and harder to do.

Every day there is at least one moment where I have to step back and say, “What is the decision that feels right for my life, my family and my heart,” then I prioritize that. Maybe I choose to shorten my workout that day, eat healthier to make up for the exercises I didn’t get to, and then spend extra time with my kids. It’s a moving target and it’s hard to hit the bullseye every day, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I bet you feel the same way.

The great thing about having a full life is that you can take what you care about, your health, and you can share what you are learning and working on with the people you love. That way you aren’t operating in silos, like ‘healthy workouts here’ and ‘take care of my kids’ there. Maybe some days you take your kids for a walk and get both done together.

Here are a few more tips on how to spread the health across your whole life and with the people you love:

Lead by example

To be the best mom, wife, daughter, neighbor, friend and so on, your true obligation is to take care of yourself and lead by example. Whenever someone follows this simple principle things always fall into place.

Bring friends to workout

Help everyone in your life get into shape, it keeps you motivated and holds you accountable.

For the kids, incentivize healthy foods

Explain why we eat healthy foods. Then if you’re listening to music tell them, ‘I bet so and so sings so well because she loves kale.’ And it doesn’t have to be pop stars. I tell my kids, ‘I want you to grow up strong, I want you to grow up tall.’ Eventually the light bulb will go off and they will say, ‘Aha! That is why we are eating healthy.’

Keep your head in the game

If you have 30 minutes to work out in a day, give that 30 minutes your all. Put your head 100% into whatever you are doing.

And you know why I partner with Curves? Because they are a club who gets this. They get that women don’t have time to spend three hours every day working out. Curves Workouts With Jillian Michaels are 30 minutes, start to finish. You go in there, you get the work done and you get on with your life—healthier, happier and more balanced.