Jillian’s Blog: Let’s Get Balanced

By Jillian Michaels

People think I’m all about the workout. And of course I believe in the power of exercise. I’ve seen it change tens of thousands of people’s lives. But I’m a real person and I live here on Earth, same as you.

I know that sometimes life gets crazy that you simply can’t get to your workout. When that happens to me I’m frustrated. But I’ve been working on balance long enough to know that a missed day at the gym doesn’t mean the whole day is lost. On the days you can’t workout, eat better. It’s as simple as that.

Tip: When you move your body more and use common sense when making food choices, you will meet your fitness goals.

I partnered with Curves because I believe in making cutting-edge fitness available to everyone. In half an hour you can get a total body workout, and if you do my workouts consistently, you will see results. Fast. But the key to meeting your fitness goals is to move more throughout your whole day, not just in the 30 minutes when you’re on the circuit.

Summer’s here so there are plenty of opportunities to get moving. Instead of eating in front of the computer, leave your office and go for a quick walk around the block.

Play with your kids.

Jumble up your grocery store list on purpose so that you have to cross the store a few times.

Or if you live somewhere with a farmer’s market, skip the store altogether. Best of all, the benefits of moving more will start to affect the way you feel.

Tip: Exercise is about building a healthier and happier life, not just a healthier body.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the workout that you forget the bigger picture. Remember, it’s all about balance.