Jillian’s Blog: Keep It Simple

By Jillian Michaels

While it may not be easy to lose weight, I will say that it can be simple to understand how to do so. Now you might be thinking, ‘Whatever Jillian, this isn’t a word game.’ But hear me on this because it’s important: Losing weight is as simple as calories in versus calories out. People who succeed at weight loss watch what goes in their mouths. They exercise regularly to burn calories and to build lean muscle. They make hard choices to ensure the foods are healthy and simple.

Right now simple is the name of the game. The very best workouts are built on simple, strength-building concepts. You work your whole body from head to toe and day after day you push your muscles to new levels.

Fancy, super-expensive gyms are not required to get an amazing body. You don’t need the new exercise trend of the day. What you need is an environment where you can go day after day to work your body in simple, but also fun and energizing ways.

The principle of keeping things simple is exactly why I work with Curves. At Curves you get to exercise with other women who value health, fitness and being real about the struggles involved! Curves centers are everywhere and membership doesn’t break the bank, so you can keep your schedule (and your budget) for workouts simple.

Every month I provide a new workout so that you have the chance to build on the moves you’ve already mastered. And you want to know the craziest piece of this whole puzzle? Once you have simplified your life and mastered your own fitness formula, you’ll actually find your energy shooting through the ceiling so you can do more in a day than you ever thought possible.

Why not go by your local Curves and check things out? Just stop in and tell them that Jillian sent you. Explain that you are thinking about simplifying your life so that you can do more and they’ll know just what you are talking about. They are masters at health and wellness and once you start to workout there regularly, you will be too.