Get to Know Jillian Michaels

Most people met Jillian Michaels while watching a popular reality show that tracked real-life men and women as they persevered to reach their weight loss goals. But it wasn’t just Jillian Michael’s starring role as a personal trainer in this show that made her famous–it was her authenticity that really reached out and engaged North America.

Where does this authenticity come from? It’s become cliche to say that celebrities are ‘just like us’ but in the case of Jillian, it is actually quite true. Jillian isn’t the kind of person who was born with the amazing physique she boasts today. As a teenager, she struggled with her weight and at one point carried 170 pounds on her petite 5’2″ frame. She knows from first-hand experience that being fit is the best way to experience a better life, and so she has dedicated her life to helping women improve their fitness.

And in January 2014 this very busy, working mother of two (See? She really is like us!) launched CURVES WORKOUTS with JILLIAN MICHAELS. Why did she choose to team up with Curves? Because Jillian wants to bring fitness to all of us, not just a few of us. She says, ‘Curves is everywhere- so now my program is accessible, effective and affordable.’ In other words, no more excuses ladies!

Whether you have watched Jillian from the beginning–and are just starting to see how contagious her enthusiasm can be–now is the time to follow her lead… straight to Curves. The all-new CURVES WORKOUTS with JILLIAN MICHAELS are cutting-edge workouts that Jillian created specifically to boost intensity, build strength, burn fat and prevent plateaus. In just 30 minutes a day, you can kick-start your weight loss and get a total body workout.

All you have to do is show up, do the work, then go love your life.