Only at Curves will you find incentive to put in a heart-raising, energy-boosting, mood-lifting 30 minutes, not only thanks to the motivational coaches and the friendly community but a CurvesSmart workout. And it is included in your membership with NO extra charge!

Why CurvesSmart?

The beauty of CurvesSmart is that it keeps you honest with your goals—emphasis on your goals. At the start of the program, you and your coach will go machine by machine around the circuit and determine the precise intensity you should attain on each machine based on your goals and fitness level. This information gets stored in the CurvesSmart computer and is accessed with your personal CurvesSmart card.

A CurvesSmart workout is like any other—twice around the circuit for 30 minutes total-but as you go around the circuit, you’ll insert your card into each machine and begin pumping. A green light glows steady if you’re working at your goal intensity but flips to red if you’re slacking off. It’s moment-to-moment feedback to keep you motivated, and it works—no one wants to be in the red zone.

After you’ve completed your workout, you insert your card into the main computer where the day’s information is stored and you can see your results: approximate calories burned, workout level, balance which pertains to specific muscles groups and more. CurvesSmart tracks all of this information over time so that you can see your progress and where you might need to make adjustments.

Now, though you certainly want to stay in the green-light zone and achieve your goal intensity, some days your body just isn’t up for it. Maybe haven’t been sleeping well or you’re coming down with a cold and simply can’t exercise to your potential. It happens, and CurvesSmart recognizes this and will adjust your targets down accordingly. On the flip side, as you get stronger and fitter, CurvesSmart will automatically raise the workload. While your Curves coach is monitoring you and all the other members on the circuit, CurvesSmart is with you every step of the way every day.

Which CurvesSmart?

You have four CurvesSmart training programs to choose from depending on your needs and goals. Your Coach can help you pick the one that’s right for you. Here’s a brief overview.

Fit and trim 

The most popular plan, this is the standard total-body workout combining strength, cardio, and flexibility set at the intensity that is right for your level of fitness.


With this program, you’ll exercise at 50 percent of your maximum intensity. It’s a good choice if you have health or mobility issues.

Muscle size and strength

Advanced members who are interested in achieving maximum strength and muscle development will like this body-sculpting plan, which combines a high-intensity workout followed by a low-intensity active recovery day.


If you’re a fitness enthusiast training for a mud run, marathon, or bike race, the endurance option is the one for you. It’s a cardio and muscle overloading program that pushes you to your maximum effort during ever workout. Use it in 6-week bouts only.

CurvesSmart in the fun and friendly environment of your club is exactly the motivation you need to keep active and fit all year long. Enjoy!