Club Rules


We ask that all members adhere to our Rules & Etiquette for the enjoyment and safety of all members and staff. Our club membership is a community and we wish to maintain a welcoming and comfortable environment for our members and staff.

General Conduct

  • Demonstrate courtesy & politeness at all times to members and staff.
  • Use the machines (no walls, holding/leaning on machines, etc) properly at all time as instructed.
  • Help maintain integrity of the club membership as well as member security by scanning your key at the front desk with every visit.
  • Return all found items to the front desk.
  • Refrain from talking on cell phones except in the lounge areas.
  • Help keep the club clean by putting waste in proper receptacles.
  • Show respect for others by not using loud or profane language or other practices that may annoy or interfere with the enjoyment of the club by other members who are working out.
  • Work together with Curves Circuit Coaches and Management to maintain a productive workout environment for all members.
  • Remove street shoes that are wet or dirty before entering the Circuit area. Fitness shoes only – no open toed shoes, thongs, sandals or socks allowed. No street shoes, bare feet or slipper type footwear allowed. No street clothes or street shoes (zippers, rivets, and belts damage upholstery). Remove rings and jewelry to prevent possible hand injury.
  • Wipe any spills on the floor/machines or alert a staff member to the hazard.

Bathroom/Dressing Room Etiquette

  • Demonstrate respect for others by cleaning up all areas after use.
  • Keep bathrooms, including sink and toilet areas clean.
  • Put used paper towels, tissues, etc. in a waste collection bin.
  • Hang wet towels and rags on a hook to dry in shower room.
  • Do not remove club provided towels, hairdryer, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, etc. from the club.
  • Share community storage space with other members. Use only one space for your belongings.

Club Hours and Classes

  • Hours are Monday through Friday 6am-8pm, Sat 8am-1pm. Closed Sun and Holidays and some Holiday Weekends.
  • We appreciate your attempt to arrive 30 minutes prior to closing time to properly complete a full workout. However, if you walk in the door 10 minutes before closing, we will always allow you to complete a full 30-minute workout.
  • Arrive early for class. Classes are limited to 20 participants. Check our class schedule each month. Classes are subject to change.

Guests and Travel to Other Clubs

  • Acquire a Guest Pass from a Circuit Coach.
  • Check any visiting Guest in with a Circuit Coach before working out to sign a Health History form.
  • You are able to travel to any other Curves at no additional charge anywhere in the world.

Club Policies, Membership Fees, Renewal & Delinquent Payments

  • Curves is not responsible for accidents, loss or theft of personal belongings at the club.
  • Membership use and services are payable in advance by electronic funds transfer. No credit is extended. Any member’s account having insufficient funds will be charged an additional $30.00. Fees, monthly charges and membership rules and regulations are subject to change by the management from time to time. Members may be notified of such changes in any manner deemed appropriate by the management of the club.
  • Membership privileges may be suspended or cancelled without a refund at any time for behaviors that are detrimental to other members or staff. Negative attitudes are never welcome at Curves.
  • There are NO refunds of paid membership dues (past or future) for any reason whatsoever.
  • The management reserves the right to terminate membership to anyone who refuses to observe the rules or regulations of the club, abuses equipment or shows disrespect to other members and staff. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.

Membership Holds

  • A member may suspend their membership twice per calendar year for any reason. The membership hold form must be completed in advance, in writing and can be found at the front desk. Holds are not accepted verbally, over the phone, or via fax or e-mail. The member must pay $5.00 per month for each inactive month, in advance, at the time of the hold. All holds are subject to the following stipulations:
  • The hold must be at least one month, but not longer than 3 months.
  • The member must pay $5.00 per month in advance for each inactive month.
  • The member must fill out a Suspension Form in advance.  There is no pro-ration for partial suspensions and we do not back date suspension periods.
  • The Club may, in its sole discretion, approve or reject any application for inactive membership. Members applying for inactive status must be current in their account with month to month or EFT billing.
  • Pre-paid, annual members cannot place a membership on suspension. Under no circumstances will membership holds be granted retroactively.
  • The Curves Coaches do not interpret membership policies.


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