Bring a Friend to Workout!

For those of us who have discovered the rewards of regular workouts, it’s natural to want to share that discovery with our friends and family. Doing so isn’t always easy and may require a certain amount of thoughtfulness and tact. Here are some ideas you can use to share the benefits of regular exercise with those closest to you.
Tips for talking to friends and family about joining you for workouts:
* Talk about how good you feel since you’ve been working out, but weave it into your regular conversation. For instance, if your friend mentions she’s been feeling tired, you can tell her about how much better you feel now that you’ve started going to Curves.
* Arrange your conversation in a way that encourages them to ask you questions about your workouts or about Curves specifically. You might tell them that Curves is different from anything else you’ve ever tried so they can ask you “how” it’s different.
* Ask them questions that you know will get a positive answer. Once you get them saying “yes,” you’re half way there! For instance, instead of asking “Will you start going to Curves with me?” ask, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have more energy?” or “Wouldn’t it be great to build up your strength?”
* Anticipate their barriers and be prepared to help them solve them. For instance, they may say they can’t exercise because they have a weak back or joint pain. You can tell them about how the Curves circuit is designed to allow women to do what they can do comfortably, and how it’s easy to modify if it causes them pain or stresses an area of concern.
Once you have their interest, be sure to follow through.
Once you have your friends or family members engaged in a conversation about Curves, be sure to invite them to join you to try it out. Give them an either/or option rather than one that can be answered with a “yes” or “no.” For instance, don’t ask, “Would you like to go to Curves with me to try it out?” Instead, ask, “I’m going to Curves on Monday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m.. Which day is better for you to come with me?”
The important thing in talking to your friends and loved ones about exercise is to make the conversation comfortable for them. Stay up beat and let them see for themselves how the positive effects of exercise have impacted your life. Living by example is one of the best ways to win people over.
And remember, our members always receive one month free for EVERY referral that joins as 12-month member at Curves Missoula! It’s a win/win for all!

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