6 Things You Need to Know About Curves in 2014

Most people resolve to implement change at the start of the new year and well-known brands may also decide to home in on new goals and practices in January. That’s what we found with Curves, the women-only gym you know and love. Starting fresh in 2014 Curves is updating its offerings in an attempt to make the largest chain of fitness centers for women around the world even better.

So what’s on tap for Curves members in 2014? Here are the top six things you need to know before walking into Curves this year, whether you’re already a member or considering joining.

The Basics are Still the Same
All this talk of change may have you nervous, but at its core, Curves is still the same gym that many women think of as a trusted friend. The famous circuit is still a 30 minute workout that can be completed by women at all levels of fitness.

Jillian is working with Curves
As you may have already seen, Jillian Michaels has partnered with Curves to create a new workout program. The program will launch this year and be consistently updated with new moves each month throughout the year.

Curves Complete is Expanding
Introduced in the United States and most of Canada in 2013, Curves Complete is now launching in Quebec. The program consists of three parts that work together to help you meet your goals: Fitness, Meal Plans, and Coaching.

You Can Have a Personal Coach
Through Curves Complete, you have access to the CurvesSmart personal coaching system. This system is designed to keep you on track while providing customized feedback and progress reports about your workouts.

Your Curves Coach is Definitely Qualified
Not that you’d expect anything different from Curves, but all one-on-one Curves Complete Coaches are certified in a program developed with the reputable Cleveland Clinic.

The Diet Program is Customized
The meal plan through Curves Complete is customized to work with the Curves fitness program. It also has three phases: Jump Start, Take It Off, and Keep It Off. The phases are designed to work with your body each step along your weight loss journey.

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